Friday, February 3, 2012

New Balance True Balance - Toning Shoes With Style

A common complaint from women is that whilst toning shoes are great for weight loss and improving body shape, they do nothing for ones sense of fashion. The problem with many toning shoe manufacturers is that they are limited by the toning technology itself when it comes to making attractive shoes. Toning shoes often feature midsole technology which includes an inch of EVA foam, which is difficult to hide, no matter how good the designers are.

Fortunately, a new lines of toning shoes has recently been released which offer a design which allows the toning technology to be well hidden. New Balance is a relatively newcomer to the world of toning footwear, having only released their Rock & Tone trainers this year. They have had time to perfect their range of wellness footwear after hearing the common complaints from women from other brands. They realised that if they were able to construct a toning shoe which looked just like a standard sneaker, it would be a highly popular design. The Rock & Tone achieved this, offering a fashionable style, very similar to their popular running shoes and used a rocker sole which was understated and less pronounced.

The Rock & Tone gets up to 27% more muscle activation, and 8% more calorie burn than standard walking shoes, and coupled with its great looks, has had thousands of women starting up a new wellness regime. The shoes have been on the market for a few months and the feedback from early purchasers is good; that the shoes really do help to get the lower body in shape.

However, New Balance was not content, and has now developed technology to banish thick EVA foam for good. New Balance True Balance shoes are the next generation of toning shoe, and look just like fashionable casual sneakers. They utilise new technology developed by New Balance, replacing the thick EVA foam layer with an innovative spring system. Coupled with a slightly rounded sole, they introduce the instabilities without adding height. The low profile construction allows the designers the full scope, to create highly stylish and attractive shoes. In addition to improving on the style, New Balance True Balance also offer improved toning and weight loss statistics, getting up to 29% more muscle activation and 10% more calorie burn.

New Balance TrueBalance shoes were only released in the USA this month, so have not had enough time to really show their benefits, but taking the performance of their Rock & Tone trainers and early feedback from True Balance customers as a guide, they are sure to be a huge success, and certainly get the prize for the most attractive toning shoes.

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