Friday, February 3, 2012

New Balance Toning Shoes for Help With Weight Loss

It's fair to say that any increase in exercise is well worth the effort, with the US Surgeon General and the British National Health Service both recommending upping the number of steps taken each day to get fitter and healthier. Increasing the number of steps to 10,000 a day is enough to greatly improve long term health prospects and keep many common killer illnesses at bay. However, whilst those steps will add up to improved body tone and a leaner and more attractive body, those steps can really be milked for all they are worth with a pair of tone shoes.

It is all the rage to get more out of exercise, and now simply walking to get fit or increasing the time spent walking each day seems like a wasted opportunity for further toning. If you substitute standard walking shoes or sneakers for a pair of tone shoes, you will get the muscles working harder with each step and get up to 28% more muscle activation for your efforts. New Balance toning shoes achieve this extra activity thanks to an innovative midsole design. The shoes feature a rocker sole to create an uneven base, and when walking in the shoes, instabilities are created to which the body responds to by increasing the range of muscles used.

Whilst hardly noticeable when walking, the balance correction which talks place really adds up, and can be felt at the end of the day with the buttocks and legs feeling like they have had a great workout. New Balance toning shoes get a lot more than shaping alone, and stand out as some of the best toner shoes on the market.
What makes New Balance toning shoes different is that in addition to lower body shaping, the shoes also help to shift excess weight, increasing oxygen consumption and fat burning by up to 10% more than standard sneakers.

The posture is corrected, and the highly cushioned soles take the shock waves out of walking to ease the pressure on the joints. The shoes replicate the beneficial barefoot walking in soft sand walking style, with the feet perfectly supported throughout the stride and the muscles and the ligaments getting a full stretch. This mode of walking is recommended for plantar fasciitis sufferers, and is both a great treatment and also a preventative step to take to keep the painful foot condition from occurring in the first place. The smooth rolling motion from heel to toe also helps to give the blood circulation a boost, to get the blood back to the heart and lungs more quickly, to fill up with oxygen and get back around the body where it is needed.

With the joints well cushioned, the muscles working at their maximum potential, and the body burning calories faster, it's not surprising that New Balance toning shoes have become such a big success. However the style is a huge selling point, being some of the most stylish low profile toner shoes released to date. If you want all the benefits of toner shoes, yet would rather keep your toning a secret, then New Balance toning shoes are the best choice.

Michael Scott-Marshall is a great believer in toning shoes, and thinks that New Balance True Balance are hard to beat. The New Balance toning shoes range is one of the most stylish, and comfortable of any wellness footwear released to date.

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