Saturday, February 4, 2012

New Balance Shape Up Shoes Are Among the Top Selling Brands

What are they?
Several companies are producing a type of athletic shoe referred to as a "shape up" shoe or "toning" shoe. These shoes are constructed in a way that causes the body to work a little harder to maintain balance while performing routine movements.

Do they work?
A search of various sites online will soon tell you that opinions vary regarding the effectiveness of shape up shoes. It is important to note that the reviewers base their conclusions on different claims. Some reviewers dismiss the whole idea of shape up shoes because they think the shoes are being touted as a replacement for a trip to the gym or other exercise. But think of it this way: some people like to use hand-held weights to increase the benefits from their exercise routines. They don't assume that just holding onto those weights will magically tone their muscles. It is incorporating the weights into their routines that produces the results. Likewise, wearing shape up shoes does not take the place of your regular routines. It enhances the benefits.
There is agreement that wearing shape up shoes does help to improve posture. If you have had a knee injury or if you have a balance problem you should consult with your health care practitioner before you purchase any shape up shoe.

What features should I look for?
For many customers appearance and comfort are primary considerations. Styles vary considerably among the different manufacturers. The New Balance brand shoes look similar to regular sneakers or "walking" shoes, while some other brands are more obviously a shape-up style shoe. Your feet should feel comfortable after several hours of wear even though you may be feeling the extra use of your muscles in your legs and glutes.

New Balance Company focus on comfort
The New Balance Company began making shoes in 1906 to create comfortable footwear to relieve laborer's foot pain. Comfort continues to be their focus. Since 1960, their standard has been to create the "best fitting shoe" regardless of size or width. If you have an exceptionally narrow or wide foot do check out the New Balance shoes. [The Trackster promises to be available in "your exact width".]
If you are coping with plantar fasciitis you will be happy to note that your inserts will fit into at least some of the styles.
This company's ongoing research and development continues to offer athletic shoes that provide flexibility, stability and support.

Made in the USA
For some people source is an important consideration. If you are one of these people you should be aware that New Balance is now the only company that still manufactures athletic shoes in the U.S. Their commitment is to make or assemble in the U.S. at least 25% of the shoes sold in North America. They have five plants in the New England area.