Saturday, February 4, 2012

New Balance 608 Shoes - Why Are They Still So Popular?

The 608 range of shoes from New Balance is still going strong, and those who like them swear by them, and want to keep buying them. Why is this? I like them myself, because they are so comfortable, but I wanted to know why others like them.

My research has shown me that there is no one reason why the New Balance 608 range of shoes is still so well-liked by the shoe-buying public. Instead, there is a range of reasons for the continuing popularity of these New Balance shoes.

Comfort and support are some of the main reasons given, as well as feeling that the shoes are familiar and reliable, and good value. Many large people, or people who are heavy but still engage in regular physical activity (such as walking) like the support and cushioning the shoes give. People with knee and back problems often stick with these shoes once they discover them, as they seem to lessen their symptoms.

While people refer to these shoes as sneakers, athletic shoes or cross-trainers, most of the comments people post about these shoes relate to their comfort in day-to-day wearing, their flexibility and their shock absorption in the heel. The special foam New Balance uses here can take credit for this. This cushioning effect gradually fades after six months to a year, which is when people usually think about replacing them.

While these shoes are sold as sports shoes, many people who are on their feet all day, such as health professionals and teachers, wear them whenever they are able, as the shoes can be worn all day without blistering or discomfort. As you have probably guessed, these are shoes people feel affection for!