Thursday, February 2, 2012

New Balance WR1012 - Be Warned, They Run Big

Women's New Balance WR1012 is a great shoe that fits with room so your feet aren't squished and set a good padding on your heels. I normally wear a wide or extra wide sneaker and this was sturdy enough and very comfortable in the wide width. I've wide feet with some problems (such as bunions) and these will make walking feel good again. These shoes also come in 2E. Actually this is my 5th pair of New Balance shoes. I recommend New Balance as they are true to their word and their shoes are awesome, comfortable. And the important point is that I no longer have any pain in my knees as I wear their shoes.

The well fitting shoe for walking, jogging and even working
This is a well fitting shoe either for walking or jogging with your dog. This motion control trainer is designed with both maximum stability and ultimate cushioning so the stabilization is great, and they always keep your foot in correct alignment. On account of my job, I have to be on the move 8 to 11 hours at a time. With new balance wr1012, there is nothing aches the next day so I finally got another pair so I can wear one outside, the other one at work.

Be Warned! This Shoe Runs Big.
This is the best sneaker I've ever owned. However be warned! This shoe runs big. I take a size 8 in keens shoes, a 7 1/2 in Brooks' sneakers, and usually a 7 in wide NB shoes. However in this wr1012, a 6-1/2 was the correct fit for my feet. Therefore, if you bought your normal size, you have to wear them in winter with your heavy socks. I recommend choosing a 1/2 size smaller than you typically wear. For example, if you normally purchase a size 7 1/2, you can get a size 7 for an accurate fit. By the way, I would love to see this shoe in a dark color.

It can correct the instability that was affecting you
I have always worn some New Balance sneakers and this one exceeded. It could correct the instability that was affecting me so badly but I didn't realize at all. If you are also able to do aerobics classes and other physical activities from a solid base, you will see immediate improvement. If you used to struggle to maintain proper form, don't be discouraged with the wr1012. For your similar experiences, I highly recommend you to try the wr1012 sneakers. As they are very comfortable and easy to walk in, even with foot issues I have, my foot doctor recommended that I live in them all the time.

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