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Most Popular Types of New Balance Shoes

New Balance the shoe company was founded in 1906. Ever since they have been creating quality shoes for consumers. Along this time line many New Balance shoes have gotten quite popular. One of the most popular selling shoes that New Balance created is the New Balance 991. Other popular shoes in the New Balance family are the MW811, MX621, MX608, In this article I will be talking about these shoes and why they are so popular.

The first shoe I'll be talking about is the New Balance 991. The 991 is a popular running shoe and is very popular in the athletic world. It's popular due to it's reliability, comfort and performance. All the features in the shoe add up to a product that reigns supreme in the shoe market. Runners love it. If you don't believe me feel free to ask a runner. The New Balance 991 is popular for a good reason.

The next shoe I'll mention is, the MW811. This shoe has been called a performance walking shoe. These shoes are available in white, brown, bone and black. If you do a lot of walking these shoes should be on your list. And with all the colors you shouldn't have a problem picking a look for you.

Next up is the MX621. This shoe looks great! It's a trainer that has a leather and mesh upper. Another great thing about it, is it has ABZORB in the heel and front of the shoe for extra shock absorption. Just like the other shoe we mentioned before the New Balance 991. The MX621 is also available in some great colors.
Last to mention is the MX608 shoe. This sneaker is a cross trainer and it has all the great things built into it that you would find in other New Balance sneakers. You can use these shoes for jogging, walking or anything else you can think of. They just do it all. These come in white, black, and navy. Talk about stylish. Once you see this shoe you'll have no doubt as to why they are one of the most popular shoes New Balance makes,
To wrap this up, New Balance makes great footwear. People love these shoes and that's one of the reasons they are one of the top shoe manufacturers in the world. Whether you have on the New Balance 991 or the MX621, these shoes are great quality and are made in tons of different colors. Which adds to the reasons so many people love these shoes and New Balance in general. So fashionable or not these shoes will be well worth your money, as so many other people have already found out.

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