Thursday, February 2, 2012

Incredible New Balance Shoes for New Runners

Running is a fantastic, liberating journey. It stretches your muscles and provides more strength. It allows your mind to wander, relax and enjoy its surroundings. It improves heart health and makes your entire body feel great. But best of all, it's a great excuse to buy new super cool gear! New Balance is well known for their expertly crafted shoes, particularly running shoes. Read on to find some great options for runners who are new to the game and need a shoe that will help ease them in.

New Balance MR993NAV
Men's New Balance MR993NAV
You might be new to running, but the other runners on the trail don't need to know that! Look like you've been doing this for years with the supportive and stylish Men's New Balance MR993NAV. This highly resilient training shoe has "N-Balance" rubber for maximum durability. Combine that with a polyurethane mid sole, and you've got a durable and comfortable sole that boasts effective compression and resistance. The Men's New Balance MR993NAV's blown rubber outsole makes for a very comfortable and flexible shoe that will keep you on the trail day after day.

New Balance WR760KM
Women's New Balance WR760KM
Don't let the weather be an excuse with these truly awesome sneakers. Show off your feminine side with this flashy pink, highly responsive trainer. The Lightning Dry lining keeps your keep dry and comfortable whether you hit a puddle or are jogging in a thunderstorm. New Balance's most advanced shock absorbing material is stuffed into the heel to give you the most forgiving training session you could ask for. To balance the heel benefits, the Women's New Balance WR760KM also boasts ABZORB cushioning in the forefoot. Not only do these shoes scream style, they also provide all the things you need to keep you coming back to the track each day. Keep style and function in line with these wonderful trainers.

Men's New Balance MR2002CU
These sleek and subtle trainers are a masculine pair indeed. This retro style inspired running sneaker certainly doesn't sacrifice comfort for style. Nubuck leather provides your feet with a breathable and durable shoe, which means a long shoe life. Now, when you know your sneaker is in for the long haul, you need to be sure you're going to love it the whole time. New Balance's Stability Web will have you hooked with its mid foot support. This lightweight sneaker will have you going the distance day in and day out.

Women's New Balance W992GL
Running can be hard on the bones, muscles and joints. Don't let these facts deter you from diving deep into your new found hobby! The Women's New Balance W992GL is an excellent shoe that provides outstanding cushioning and enhanced stability. In varying shades of gray, this trainer will go nicely with any of your running outfits. Let this shoe ease your way into running and help you move on to the next level and beyond.

Women's New Balance WO1520GR
Don't be shy about your newly discovered passion for running! Express your love with these eye catching sneakers. A highly versatile multi-sport shoe, the Women's New Balance WO1520GR allows you to explore running without needing a totally different shoe for your other athletic interests. The highly popular Vibram outsole is a traction master and also provides you with amazing all surface contact. Delivering support, comfort and durability, this running masterpiece has exceptional shock absorption. Let this shoe be your go-to for the new runner in you!

Men's New Balance MR1012MC
Are you finding yourself taking to the sport of running like a pro? These sneakers are designed for long distances, but still feature the comfort and stability of a starter's trainer. In classic blue, black and white colors, the Men's New Balance MR1012MC is an excellent option for the everyday runner. New Balance's seamless Phantom Liner keeps your sneakers light weight and enhances the comfort and fit of the shoe itself. A Strobel Board runs throughout the length of the shoe and provides sure shock absorption and comfort. Keep yourself going strong through training sessions or on race day, whether rain or shine with New Balance's Lightning Dry liner. This shoe is a consistently comfortable piece that will stay by your side as your progress your running skills.

New Balance MT910GT
Men's New Balance MT910GT
Show a little flare with these hip runners! The Men's New Balance MT910GT is a technical shoe designed for trail running and beyond. Take these sneakers off road and dominate with the N-Durance rubber compound, which boasts amazing durability. Keep your focus on the roots and rocks instead of your laces with New Balance's Sure Lace secure system that keeps laces in place. Put your faith in an anti-microbial sole that also delivers long-term comfort and breathability.

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